In order to meet the needs of different usages, we offer a wide range of corrugated containers for selection, such as B flute, C flute and BC flute.

Single Faced Corrugated Board

Generally used as product’s shelter from bumping and crushing during the packing process or transportation.

Single Wall Corrugated Board (B-flute or C-flute)

Good for lighter and regular weight products. Pads, partitions, and inner packaging pieces are commonly manufactured from single wall corrugated.

Double Wall Corrugated Board (B-C flute Combination)

Good for weightier products. To reinforce the box strength, double wall corrugated can also be used to produce the components of container.

In addition, customers can also choose the cardboard surface which best meet there needs. Available are:

KS Grade

for a smooth and pure white look, perfect for
giving your merchandise special emphasis

KI Grade

for a soft brown natural look that takes print
beautifully, and gives an environmental friendly feel

KA Grade 

for a golden yellow package which excellently protects its contents;
it is strong and durable, and it can withstand impact friction,
stacking and moisture very well

Tips :The strength of box is depended on the paper’s quality, type of paper, the designed style of carton, and the components of box.