Packaging Design

The CAD computerized packaging design is used for customers who require a specific design for their cartons. Each printing design is approved by our customers before we process the job order.


Need a mock-up before ordering goods? With a modern Sample Cutter Machine, we can provide models of  different carton designs that best suit your products.


Starting from corrugated sheet board to finished products, we use less lead-time to manufacture your products with our complete in-house production lines at UCC.


To reduce our customer’s packing time, we have an exclusive assembly division to form the packaging and make it ready-to-use for you.


We can supply customers’ stock as well as packing materials to customers’ daily demand. This directly supports our “Just in time” policy.


We have a number of trucks to punctually deliver our products to many areas of Thailand.
The delivery schedule is carefully planned on a daily basis to maximize the efficiency of transportation in terms of both time and cost management.