Containers (RSC)

This type of box is inexpensive and most common use for packing. The RSC box consumes the smallest amount of paper because its structur is not complicated, made from a one-piece corrugated board where theouter flaps meet at the center can be glued or stapled to close.

Designed Style Containers (Die-Cut)

Manufactured by using a die-cut plate, the box is particularly designed for products that need a beautiful shape and a specific need of its application. Very good for packing fresh flowers, fruits or other products that require air ventilation.

System Box

Blended of RSC and Die-Cut, a system box is made from a one-piece corrugated board but complicatedly designed for non-cube shape goods or a product set in which contains two or more pieces. Excellent for ready-to-ship products.

Paper Pallet

Corrugated paper has nowadays become a valued substitute for wood and plastics for shipping. Paper pallet is a great choice for exporter. Its advantages are light-weight, durable, heavy-duty, inexpensive, hygienic, safe to be handled by employees, dust-free, recyclable and environmentally friendly (no fumigation required). Besides, we can design and make paper pallet that suits your need.


Tray is one of the custom die-cut styles, having 4 walls that can be shaped by itself. It can otherwise be glued or stapled to shape. With a plastic shrink wrap, tray is good for packing bottled water, beverages and canned goods.


A rectangular corrugated board made for adding box’s strength and providing added cushioning. Good for breakable products such as glass, pottery and ceramic.