Kraft Liner Board

Kraft liner board may have several grades in the market depending on each manufacturer.
Each paper grade can be differentiated by its unique quality and noticeable appearance. Kraft liner board can be classified into 3 major grades as following.
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White Liner Board (KS Grade)
White liner board is good for refrigeration and suitable for the need of high quality packaging as well as beautiful printing. Normally used for packing frozen food, flower, fruit and electronic wares. Available standard weight is 170 grams per square meter.

Golden Yellow Liner Board (KA Grade)
Golden yellow liner board is highlighted on the great strength of box; good stacking and protection. Due to its strength, KA grade liner board is frequently used for export products. Its golden color is very favorable among the Asian customers, especially the Chinese, because they believe that the yellow is an auspicious color. The standard weights are available from 125, 150, 185 to 230 grams per square meter.

Natural Light Brown Liner Board (KI Grade)
Normally used for medium weight products, the quality of KI grade is lower than KA grade. Its light brown natural look grade presents an outstanding beautiful printing on top of an environmental friendly feel. Available standard weights are 125, 150 and 185 grams per square meter.

Corrugating Medium
The strength property of corrugating medium is excellent for generating corrugated flutes. Corrugating medium has an absorption capability giving a superior effective gluing process and supporting a maximum operation speed of Corrugator Machine.